Uses of Class

Packages that use dataRead
attr The attr package contains the class hierarcy that is used to represent the Java Virtual Machine class file attributes. 
classfile This package contains Java code to read and display the contents of a Java Virtual Machine class file. 
jconst The jconst package contains the class hierarchy that represents the Java class file constants and other values stored in the class file constant pool. 

Uses of dataRead in attr

Subclasses of dataRead in attr
 class attrInfo
           Base class for attributes (Section 4.7, JVM Specification).
 class codeAttr
          Attribute for the byte code for a Java method.
 class constValueAttr
          Represent a ConstantValue attribute.
 class deprecAttr
           This class represents the depreciated attribute.
 class exceptAttr
          This class represents the exceptions attribute.
 class innerClassAttr
           This object represents the Java class file inner class information.
 class lineNumTabAttr
          This class represents the line number table attribute.
(package private)  class localVarTabAttr
           This object represents the local variable table.
 class srcFileAttr
          This object represents the source file attribute.
 class synthAttr
          Represent a JVM class file synthetic attribute.

Fields in attr declared as dataRead
(package private) static dataRead attrFactory.dataIn

Uses of dataRead in classfile

Subclasses of dataRead in classfile
(package private)  class classAttrSec
          The classAttrSec object contains the attribute table that ends the class file.
(package private)  class classDeclSec
          Read the JVM class file information that defines the class header.
(package private)  class classFieldSec
          Read the class field section and build representative classes.
(package private)  class classFileHeader
          The classFileHeader contains the class file header information.
(package private)  class classMethodSec
          Read the class method section and build representative classes.
(package private)  class fieldInfo
          As described in the JVM Specification, the field_info is:
(package private)  class methodInfo
          The fields of the methodInfo structure are the same as those of the fieldInfo structure.

Uses of dataRead in jconst

Subclasses of dataRead in jconst
 class constBase
 class constClass_or_String
           CONSTANT_Class_info { u1 tag; u2 name_index; } or CONSTANT_String_info { u1 tag u2 string_index }
 class constDouble
(package private)  class constFloat
 class constInt
 class constLong
(package private)  class constLongConvert
 class constName_and_Type_info
 class constPool
 class constRef
          The constRef object represents CONSTANT_FieldRef, CONSTANT_MethodRef and CONSTANT_InterfaceMethodRef.
 class constUtf8