Class deprecAttr


public class deprecAttr
extends attrInfo

This class represents the depreciated attribute. This attribute consists of only the attribute_name_index and length. Like the Synthetic attribute this class does nothing, since the allocAttr function in the attrFactory class reads the attribute_name_index and length.

The depreciated attribute may be added to the attribute table of a ClassFile, field_info or method_info class.

Sun's JVM Spec. states:

A class, interface, method, or field may be marked using a Deprecated attribute to indicate that the class, interface, method, or field has been superseded. A runtime interpreter or tool that reads the class file format, such as a compiler, can use this marking to advise the user that a superseded class, interface, method, or field is being referred to. The presence of a Deprecated attribute does not alter the semantics of a class or interface.

Ian Kaplan

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attrName, len
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Constructor Summary
deprecAttr(java.lang.String name, int length)
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getName, pr
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Constructor Detail


public deprecAttr(java.lang.String name,
                  int length)