Class exceptAttr


public class exceptAttr
extends attrInfo

This class represents the exceptions attribute. The structure of this attribute is:

Exceptions_attribute {
u2 attribute_name_index;
u4 attribute_length;
u2 number_of_exceptions;
u2 exception_index_table[ number_of_exceptions ];

The attribute_name_index and attribute length are read by the attrFactory.allocAttr method. These values are passed into the class constructor.

Each non-zero value in the exception_index_table is an index into the constant pool of a constClass_or_String object represent a class type that this method throws.

JVM Spec. 4.7.5

The Exceptions attribute indicates which checked exceptions a method may throw. There must be exactly one Exceptions attribute in each method_info structure.

Ian Kaplan

Field Summary
(package private)  constClass_or_String[] exceptTable
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attrName, len
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Constructor Summary
exceptAttr(java.lang.String name, int length, dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
Method Summary
 constClass_or_String[] getExceptTab()
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getName, pr
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getBytesRead, readU1, readU2, readU4
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Field Detail


constClass_or_String[] exceptTable
Constructor Detail


public exceptAttr(java.lang.String name,
                  int length,
                  constPool constPoolSec)
Method Detail


public constClass_or_String[] getExceptTab()