ACC_ABSTRACT - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_FINAL - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_INTERFACE - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_NATIVE - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_PRIVATE - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_PROTECTED - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_PUBLIC - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_STATIC - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_STRICT - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_SYNC - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_TRANSIENT - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
ACC_VOLATILE - Static variable in interface util.access_and_modifier_flags
accData - class util.accData.
Boolean tests for the access and modifier bit field
accData() - Constructor for class util.accData
access_and_modifier_flags - interface util.access_and_modifier_flags.
access_flags - Variable in class classfile.fieldInfo
access_flags - Variable in class classfile.methodInfo
accessFlags - Variable in class attr.innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo
accessFlags - Variable in class classfile.classDeclSec
accString - class util.accString.
accString() - Constructor for class util.accString
allocAttr(DataInputStream, constPool) - Static method in class attr.attrFactory
Read data from the class file and allocate the correct attribute subclass.
allocConstEntry(int) - Method in class jconst.constPool
argList - Variable in class classfile.methodInfo.methodTypes
attr - package attr
The attr package contains the class hierarcy that is used to represent the Java Virtual Machine class file attributes.
attrFactory - class attr.attrFactory.
Attribute "factory" class used to allocate attributes.
attrFactory() - Constructor for class attr.attrFactory
attributes - Variable in class classfile.fieldInfo
attributes - Variable in class classfile.methodInfo
attrInfo - class attr.attrInfo.
Base class for attributes (Section 4.7, JVM Specification).
attrInfo(String, int) - Constructor for class attr.attrInfo
attrName - Variable in class attr.attrInfo


bytesRead - Static variable in class util.dataRead


catch_type - Variable in class attr.codeAttr.exceptInfo
charToType(char) - Static method in class util.typeDesc
class_ref - Variable in class jconst.constRef
classAttrs - Variable in class classfile.classFile
classAttrSec - class classfile.classAttrSec.
The classAttrSec object contains the attribute table that ends the class file.
classAttrSec(DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class classfile.classAttrSec
classAttrTab - Variable in class classfile.classAttrSec
classConstPool - Variable in class classfile.classFile
classDecl - Variable in class classfile.classFile
classDeclSec - class classfile.classDeclSec.
Read the JVM class file information that defines the class header.
classDeclSec(DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class classfile.classDeclSec
classFields - Variable in class classfile.classFieldSec
classFields - Variable in class classfile.classFile
classFieldSec - class classfile.classFieldSec.
Read the class field section and build representative classes.
classFieldSec(DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class classfile.classFieldSec
classfile - package classfile
This package contains Java code to read and display the contents of a Java Virtual Machine class file.
classFile - class classfile.classFile.
The classFile object contains the information from a single Java class file.
classFile(DataInputStream) - Constructor for class classfile.classFile
classFile constructor.
classFileHeader - class classfile.classFileHeader.
The classFileHeader contains the class file header information.
classFileHeader(DataInputStream) - Constructor for class classfile.classFileHeader
classInfoTab - Variable in class attr.innerClassAttr
classMethods - Variable in class classfile.classMethodSec
classMethods - Variable in class classfile.classFile
classMethodSec - class classfile.classMethodSec.
Read the class method section and build representative classes.
classMethodSec(DataInputStream, constPool, String) - Constructor for class classfile.classMethodSec
className - Variable in class attr.innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo
className - Variable in class classfile.classFile
closeFile() - Method in class javad.jvmDump
codeAttr - class attr.codeAttr.
Attribute for the byte code for a Java method.
codeAttr.exceptInfo - class attr.codeAttr.exceptInfo.
codeAttr.exceptInfo(codeAttr, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.codeAttr.exceptInfo
codeAttr(String, int, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.codeAttr
codeAttr constructor
codeAttribute - Variable in class classfile.methodInfo
codeAttributes - Variable in class attr.codeAttr
codeBuf - Variable in class attr.codeAttr
commentString() - Method in class classfile.methodInfo
If there are synthetic or deprecated attributes in the method attribute table, return a comment string showing the appropriate attribute.
CONSTANT_Class - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_Double - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_Fieldref - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_Float - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_Integer - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_InterfaceMethodref - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_Long - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_Methodref - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_NameAndType - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_String - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
CONSTANT_Utf8 - Static variable in interface jconst.constPoolTags
constBase - class jconst.constBase.
constBase() - Constructor for class jconst.constBase
constClass_or_String - class jconst.constClass_or_String.
CONSTANT_Class_info { u1 tag; u2 name_index; } or CONSTANT_String_info { u1 tag u2 string_index }
constClass_or_String() - Constructor for class jconst.constClass_or_String
constDouble - class jconst.constDouble.
constDouble() - Constructor for class jconst.constDouble
constFloat - class jconst.constFloat.
constFloat() - Constructor for class jconst.constFloat
constInt - class jconst.constInt.
constInt() - Constructor for class jconst.constInt
constLong - class jconst.constLong.
constLong() - Constructor for class jconst.constLong
constLongConvert - class jconst.constLongConvert.
constLongConvert() - Constructor for class jconst.constLongConvert
constName_and_Type_info - class jconst.constName_and_Type_info.
constName_and_Type_info() - Constructor for class jconst.constName_and_Type_info
constPool - class jconst.constPool.
constPool - Variable in class jconst.constPool
constPool(DataInputStream) - Constructor for class jconst.constPool
constPoolCnt - Variable in class jconst.constPool
constPoolElem(int) - Method in class jconst.constPool
constPoolTags - interface jconst.constPoolTags.
constRef - class jconst.constRef.
The constRef object represents CONSTANT_FieldRef, CONSTANT_MethodRef and CONSTANT_InterfaceMethodRef.
constRef() - Constructor for class jconst.constRef
constructorName - Variable in class classfile.methodInfo
constUtf8 - class jconst.constUtf8.
constUtf8() - Constructor for class jconst.constUtf8
constValue - Variable in class attr.constValueAttr
constValueAttr - class attr.constValueAttr.
Represent a ConstantValue attribute.
constValueAttr(String, int, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.constValueAttr


d - Variable in class jconst.constDouble
dataIn - Static variable in class attr.attrFactory
dataRead - class util.dataRead.
dataRead() - Constructor for class util.dataRead
decodeFieldDesc(String) - Static method in class util.typeDesc
Parse a field descriptor and return a String describing the type.
decodeMethodDesc(String) - Method in class classfile.methodInfo
Decode the method descriptor and return the argument list and return type.
deprecAttr - class attr.deprecAttr.
This class represents the depreciated attribute.
deprecAttr(String, int) - Constructor for class attr.deprecAttr
descriptor - Variable in class classfile.fieldInfo
descriptor - Variable in class classfile.methodInfo
descriptor_index - Variable in class jconst.constName_and_Type_info
descriptor_Utf8 - Variable in class jconst.constName_and_Type_info


endPC - Variable in class attr.codeAttr.exceptInfo
errorMessage - class util.errorMessage.
errorMessage() - Constructor for class util.errorMessage
errorPrint(String) - Static method in class util.errorMessage
exceptAttr - class attr.exceptAttr.
This class represents the exceptions attribute.
exceptAttr(String, int, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.exceptAttr
exceptionString() - Method in class classfile.methodInfo
Return a string containing "\n throws " if the method has associated exceptions.
exceptTab - Variable in class attr.codeAttr
exceptTable - Variable in class attr.exceptAttr


f - Variable in class jconst.constFloat
fieldInfo - class classfile.fieldInfo.
As described in the JVM Specification, the field_info is:
fieldInfo(DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class classfile.fieldInfo
fieldString() - Method in class classfile.fieldInfo
Create a string for the field in something like Java source format.
fileIsOpen - Variable in class javad.jvmDump
fileName - Variable in class javad.jvmDump
finalize() - Method in class javad.jvmDump
Use a finalize method to free up the file descriptor.
fStream - Variable in class javad.jvmDump


getBytesRead() - Method in class util.dataRead
getClassName() - Method in class classfile.classDeclSec
getConstructorName() - Method in class classfile.methodInfo
getConstVal() - Method in class attr.constValueAttr
getExceptTab() - Method in class attr.exceptAttr
getFileName() - Method in class attr.srcFileAttr
getLineNum() - Method in class attr.lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry
getLocalVarDecl() - Method in class attr.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt
Return a String for the local variable declaration or null if memberDesc or member name are null.
getLocalVarVec() - Method in class attr.codeAttr
If there are local variables in the method, return a vector containing the local variable name declarations.
getLocalVarVec() - Method in class attr.localVarTabAttr
getMax_locals() - Method in class attr.codeAttr
getMax_stack() - Method in class attr.codeAttr
getName() - Method in class attr.attrInfo
getName(int) - Static method in class util.accString
getPrintableString() - Method in class jconst.constClass_or_String
getPrintableString() - Method in class jconst.constUtf8
Return a printable version of the Utf8 string.
getSrcFileName() - Method in class classfile.classAttrSec
Return the name of the source file that generated the class file.
getStartPC() - Method in class attr.lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry
getString() - Method in class jconst.constBase
getString() - Method in class jconst.constClass_or_String
getString() - Method in class jconst.constLong
getString() - Method in class jconst.constDouble
getString() - Method in class jconst.constRef
getString() - Method in class jconst.constInt
getString() - Method in class jconst.constName_and_Type_info
getString() - Method in class jconst.constUtf8
Return the raw Utf8 string, without any translation.
getString() - Method in class jconst.constFloat


handlerPC - Variable in class attr.codeAttr.exceptInfo
header - Variable in class classfile.classFile


index - Variable in class attr.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt
index - Variable in class jconst.constClass_or_String
index - Variable in class jconst.constRef
innerClass - Variable in class attr.innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo
innerClassAttr - class attr.innerClassAttr.
This object represents the Java class file inner class information.
innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo - class attr.innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo.
innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo(innerClassAttr, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo
innerClassAttr(String, int, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.innerClassAttr
interfaces - Variable in class classfile.classDeclSec
isAbstract(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isConstructor() - Method in class classfile.methodInfo
Class constructors have the internal name "".
isFinal(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isInterface(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isNative(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isPrivate(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isProtected(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isPublic(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isStatic(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isStrict(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isSuper(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isSync(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isTransient(int) - Static method in class util.accData
isTypeChar(char) - Static method in class util.typeDesc
isVolatile(int) - Static method in class util.accData


jconst - package jconst
The jconst package contains the class hierarchy that represents the Java class file constants and other values stored in the class file constant pool.
jvmDump - class javad.jvmDump.
Dump a compiled Java JVM class file in human readable form.
jvmDump(String) - Constructor for class javad.jvmDump


leafName(String) - Method in class util.objNameFormat
Return the last name (the leaf) in a "dot" name sequence.
len - Variable in class attr.attrInfo
length - Variable in class attr.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt
line_number - Variable in class attr.lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry
lineNumTab - Variable in class attr.lineNumTabAttr
lineNumTabAttr - class attr.lineNumTabAttr.
This class represents the line number table attribute.
lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry - class attr.lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry.
lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry(lineNumTabAttr, DataInputStream) - Constructor for class attr.lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry
lineNumTabAttr(String, int, DataInputStream) - Constructor for class attr.lineNumTabAttr
localVarTab - Variable in class attr.localVarTabAttr
localVarTabAttr - class attr.localVarTabAttr.
This object represents the local variable table.
localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt - class attr.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt.
Local variable entry in the local variable table.
localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt(localVarTabAttr, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt
localVarTabAttr(String, int, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.localVarTabAttr
longVal - Variable in class jconst.constLong


magic - Variable in class classfile.classFileHeader
main - class javad.main.
The javad class contains the main for the javad program.
main() - Constructor for class javad.main
main(String[]) - Static method in class javad.main
major_version - Variable in class classfile.classFileHeader
max_locals - Variable in class attr.codeAttr
max_stack - Variable in class attr.codeAttr
memberDesc - Variable in class attr.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt
memberName - Variable in class attr.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt
methodInfo - class classfile.methodInfo.
The fields of the methodInfo structure are the same as those of the fieldInfo structure.
methodInfo.methodTypes - class classfile.methodInfo.methodTypes.
The methodTypes class is used by the methodTypes method to return the argument list string and the return type that are built from the method descriptor.
methodInfo.methodTypes(methodInfo) - Constructor for class classfile.methodInfo.methodTypes
methodInfo(DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class classfile.methodInfo
methodString(String) - Method in class classfile.methodInfo
This method is passed the string that should be used to terminate the method declaration.
minor_version - Variable in class classfile.classFileHeader


name - Variable in class classfile.fieldInfo
name - Variable in class classfile.methodInfo
name_and_type_index - Variable in class jconst.constRef
name_ref - Variable in class jconst.constRef


objNameFormat - class util.objNameFormat.
objNameFormat() - Constructor for class util.objNameFormat
openFile(String) - Method in class javad.jvmDump
outerClass - Variable in class attr.innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo


pr_data() - Method in class jconst.constUtf8
pr_modifiers(int) - Method in class classfile.classDeclSec
Print the class modifiers
pr() - Method in class attr.attrInfo
pr() - Method in class attr.innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo
pr() - Method in class attr.srcFileAttr
pr() - Method in class attr.constValueAttr
pr() - Method in class classfile.classFileHeader
pr() - Method in class classfile.classDeclSec
pr() - Method in class classfile.fieldInfo
Print the field
pr() - Method in class classfile.classFieldSec
Print the class fields
pr() - Method in class classfile.methodInfo
Print method declaration (e.g., private int foobar( int x ) and any local variables.
pr() - Method in class classfile.classMethodSec
pr() - Method in class classfile.classFile
Print the class file in a source format resembling Java.
pr() - Method in class jconst.constBase
pr() - Method in class jconst.constClass_or_String
pr() - Method in class jconst.constLong
pr() - Method in class jconst.constDouble
pr() - Method in class jconst.constPool
pr() - Method in class jconst.constRef
pr() - Method in class jconst.constInt
pr() - Method in class jconst.constName_and_Type_info
pr() - Method in class jconst.constUtf8
Print a Utf8 String in ASCII format.
pr() - Method in class jconst.constFloat
programName - Static variable in class util.errorMessage
prString() - Method in class jconst.constBase
prString() - Method in class jconst.constClass_or_String


read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constBase
read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constClass_or_String
read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constLong
read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constDouble
read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constRef
read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constInt
read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constName_and_Type_info
read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constUtf8
read(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constFloat
readConstPool(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constPool
Read the JVM class file constant pool and put it in the internal constant pool.
readLong(DataInputStream) - Method in class jconst.constLongConvert
readU1(DataInputStream) - Method in class util.dataRead
readU2(DataInputStream) - Method in class util.dataRead
readU4(DataInputStream) - Method in class util.dataRead
resolveConstPool() - Method in class jconst.constPool
returnType - Variable in class classfile.methodInfo.methodTypes


set_ref(constBase[]) - Method in class jconst.constBase
set_ref(constBase[]) - Method in class jconst.constClass_or_String
set_ref(constBase[]) - Method in class jconst.constRef
set_ref(constBase[]) - Method in class jconst.constName_and_Type_info
setConstructorName(String) - Method in class classfile.methodInfo
Set the name of the constructor name
setProgName(String) - Static method in class util.errorMessage
skip_data(int, DataInputStream) - Static method in class attr.attrFactory
srcFile - Variable in class attr.srcFileAttr
srcFileAttr - class attr.srcFileAttr.
This object represents the source file attribute.
srcFileAttr(String, int, DataInputStream, constPool) - Constructor for class attr.srcFileAttr
start_pc - Variable in class attr.lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry
start_pc - Variable in class attr.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt
startPC - Variable in class attr.codeAttr.exceptInfo
str - Variable in class jconst.constUtf8
superClass - Variable in class classfile.classDeclSec
synthAttr - class attr.synthAttr.
Represent a JVM class file synthetic attribute.
synthAttr(String, int) - Constructor for class attr.synthAttr


tag - Variable in class jconst.constBase
Tag_to_String(int) - Static method in class jconst.constBase
thisClass - Variable in class classfile.classDeclSec
toAsciiString() - Method in class jconst.constUtf8
Return the Utf8 string in ASCII format.
toDotSeparator(String) - Static method in class util.objNameFormat
toDouble(long) - Method in class jconst.constDouble
toFloat(int) - Method in class jconst.constFloat
toLong(int, int) - Method in class jconst.constLongConvert
toString(int, boolean) - Static method in class util.accString
typeDesc - class util.typeDesc.
Support methods for decoding and printing Java type descriptors.
typeDesc() - Constructor for class util.typeDesc


usage() - Static method in class javad.main
Utf8 - Variable in class jconst.constClass_or_String
util - package util
The util package contains the various utility classes that support the javad java class file disassembly program.


val - Variable in class jconst.constInt