Class classAttrSec


class classAttrSec
extends dataRead

The classAttrSec object contains the attribute table that ends the class file. The only attributes that appear in this section are the SourceFile attribute (srcFileAttr object), the InnerClasses attribute or the Depreciated attribute.

Field Summary
(package private)  attrInfo[] classAttrTab
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Constructor Summary
(package private) classAttrSec( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
Method Summary
(package private)  java.lang.String getSrcFileName()
          Return the name of the source file that generated the class file.
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Field Detail


attrInfo[] classAttrTab
Constructor Detail


classAttrSec( dStream,
             constPool constPoolSec)
Method Detail


java.lang.String getSrcFileName()
Return the name of the source file that generated the class file. There should only be one source file in the ClassFile attribute table.
a String for the source file name.