Class lineNumTabAttr


public class lineNumTabAttr
extends attrInfo

This class represents the line number table attribute.

The line number table attribute may be assocated with a code attribute (see codeAttr object).

The JVM Spec (4.7.6) states:

It [the line number table attribute] may be used by debuggers to determine which part of the Java Virtual Machine code array corresponds to a given line number in the original Java source file. If LineNumberTable attributes are present in the attributes table of a given Code attribute, then they may appear in any order. Furthermore, multiple LineNumberTable attributes may together represent a given line of a Java source file; that is, LineNumberTable attributes need not be one-to-one with source line

The LineNumberTable attribute has the format

LineNumberTable_attribute {
u2 attribute_name_index;
u4 attribute_length;
u2 line_number_table_length;
lineEntry line_number_table[line_number_table_length];

The attribute_name_index and attribute length are read by the attrFactory.allocAttr method. These values are passed into the class constructor.

The line number entries have the format:

lineEntry {
u2 start_pc;
u2 line_number;

Ian Kaplan

Inner Class Summary
(package private)  class lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry
Field Summary
(package private)  lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry[] lineNumTab
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attrName, len
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Constructor Summary
lineNumTabAttr(java.lang.String name, int length, dStream)
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getName, pr
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getBytesRead, readU1, readU2, readU4
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Field Detail


lineNumTabAttr.lineEntry[] lineNumTab
Constructor Detail


public lineNumTabAttr(java.lang.String name,
                      int length,