Uses of Class

Packages that use constPool
attr The attr package contains the class hierarcy that is used to represent the Java Virtual Machine class file attributes. 
classfile This package contains Java code to read and display the contents of a Java Virtual Machine class file. 

Uses of constPool in attr

Methods in attr with parameters of type constPool
static attrInfo attrFactory.allocAttr( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
          Read data from the class file and allocate the correct attribute subclass.

Constructors in attr with parameters of type constPool
codeAttr.codeAttr(java.lang.String name, int length, dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
          codeAttr constructor
codeAttr.exceptInfo.codeAttr.exceptInfo( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
innerClassAttr.innerClassAttr(java.lang.String name, int length, dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo.innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
localVarTabAttr.localVarTabAttr(java.lang.String name, int length, dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt.localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
srcFileAttr.srcFileAttr(java.lang.String name, int length, dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
constValueAttr.constValueAttr(java.lang.String name, int length, dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
exceptAttr.exceptAttr(java.lang.String name, int length, dStream, constPool constPoolSec)

Uses of constPool in classfile

Fields in classfile declared as constPool
(package private)  constPool classFile.classConstPool

Constructors in classfile with parameters of type constPool
classDeclSec.classDeclSec( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
fieldInfo.fieldInfo( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
classFieldSec.classFieldSec( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
methodInfo.methodInfo( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)
classMethodSec.classMethodSec( dStream, constPool constPoolSec, java.lang.String className)
classAttrSec.classAttrSec( dStream, constPool constPoolSec)