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Data Structures for a VHDL Compiler Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
big_block_allocSupport for the allocation of large memory blocks
big_block_poolAn implementation of pooled memory allocation that makes use of the large memory block allocation class, big_block_alloc
block_poolAn abstract base class for pooled memory allocation
const_aggAn aggragate constant
FIFO_LIST< T >This is a generic list type for a list that has both a head and a tail pointer (note the the LIST template only has a head pointer)
hash_servicesThis class provides low level support functions (e.g., hash value calculation) for the hash table element classes
Hat< T >This class implements a dynamicly growable array
LIST< T >This is a generic list type
mem_pool< pool_type, max_handle >This is a template class that implements arrays of memory pools
nodeBase class for the node type, which is the building block for the IR trees
option_flagsMaintains a bit-vector of option flags
poolThis object is used to allocate a single memory pool
sparse_array< T >Template class for a sparse array of fixed size (e.g., it does not grow)
stack< stack_type, stack_max >A stack template
STRINGPackages a character string which has been allocated in a hash table
strtableThis class implements a string table
symMemory Allocation
sym_componentA component is a bound entity architecture pair
sym_constClass to represent named constants and enumerations
sym_identClass for variable identifiers
sym_processIn VHDL (as in Verilog), processes are strange things
sym_scopeThis class is used for a named item that has scope information (for example, a procedure or a function)
sym_scopedThis is a derived symbol class for named items that exist in a scope
sym_subprogThis class represents VHDL procedures and functions
sym_typeDerived symbol class for named types
symtableThis class implements a symbol table for the VHDL compiler
symtable::chain_elemClass for the hash collision chains
typeRepresent VHDL types
type_arrayVHDL uses the concept of "array of type"
type_rangeRange types are limited to a complete range that can fit in 32-bits
type_recordRecord elements are ordered the way they appear in the record
type_timeSpecial type for time
typetableNamed types are represented by the sym_type class
vhdl_constBase class for VHDL constants

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