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stdtypes.h File Reference

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#define LOCAL   static


typedef int Boolean
typedef unsigned short int ushort
typedef unsigned int uint
typedef unsigned char uchar
typedef char * pChar


enum  BoolVals { FALSE = 0, TRUE = 1, BOGUS }

Define Documentation

#define LOCAL   static

Definition at line 27 of file stdtypes.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int Boolean

Definition at line 20 of file stdtypes.h.

Referenced by sym::has_scope(), sym_scope::has_scope(), type_range::is_box(), type::is_box(), sym::is_referenced(), and option_flags::is_set().

typedef char* pChar

Definition at line 25 of file stdtypes.h.

Referenced by symtable::enter_sym(), symtable::find_sym(), and sym_scope::LookupFromScope().

typedef unsigned char uchar

Definition at line 24 of file stdtypes.h.

Referenced by type_array::get_num_dims(), type::get_num_dims(), and type_array::set_num_dims().

typedef unsigned int uint

Definition at line 23 of file stdtypes.h.

Referenced by symtable::dealloc_sub_tables(), sym::get_alloc(), sym_ident::get_alloc(), type_array::get_array_size(), type::get_array_size(), const_agg::get_cn_kind(), const_real::get_cn_kind(), const_range_unsigned::get_cn_kind(), const_range_signed::get_cn_kind(), vhdl_const::get_cn_kind(), type_range::get_dir(), type::get_dir(), sym::get_id_kind(), sym_ident::get_id_kind(), node_sym::get_kind(), node_type::get_kind(), node_const::get_kind(), node::get_kind(), symtable::get_max_list(), strtable::get_max_list(), sparse_array< T >::get_percent_alloced(), sparse_array< chain_elem >::get_power_of_two(), type_record::get_rec_size(), type::get_rec_size(), sym::get_sy_kind(), sym_component::get_sy_kind(), sym_process::get_sy_kind(), sym_subprog::get_sy_kind(), sym_ident::get_sy_kind(), sym_type::get_sy_kind(), sym_const::get_sy_kind(), type_file::get_ty_kind(), type_record::get_ty_kind(), type_array::get_ty_kind(), type_real::get_ty_kind(), type_range::get_ty_kind(), type_time::get_ty_kind(), type::get_ty_kind(), type_time::get_unit(), type::get_unit(), const_range_unsigned::get_uval(), vhdl_const::get_uval(), type::get_width(), node::is_leaf(), node::is_nonleaf(), strtable::new_item(), symtable::pr(), and strtable::pr().

typedef unsigned short int ushort

Definition at line 22 of file stdtypes.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum BoolVals

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 11 of file stdtypes.h.

00011                {
00012 #ifndef FALSE
00013                  FALSE = 0, 
00014 #endif
00015 #ifndef TRUE
00016                  TRUE = 1,
00017 #endif 
00018                  BOGUS} BoolVals;

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