Uses of Class

Packages that use constUtf8
attr The attr package contains the class hierarcy that is used to represent the Java Virtual Machine class file attributes. 
classfile This package contains Java code to read and display the contents of a Java Virtual Machine class file. 
jconst The jconst package contains the class hierarchy that represents the Java class file constants and other values stored in the class file constant pool. 

Uses of constUtf8 in attr

Fields in attr declared as constUtf8
(package private)  constUtf8 innerClassAttr.innerClassInfo.className
(package private)  constUtf8 localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt.memberName
(package private)  constUtf8 localVarTabAttr.localVarEnt.memberDesc
private  constUtf8 srcFileAttr.srcFile

Uses of constUtf8 in classfile

Fields in classfile declared as constUtf8
(package private)  constUtf8
(package private)  constUtf8 fieldInfo.descriptor
(package private)  constUtf8
(package private)  constUtf8 methodInfo.descriptor

Uses of constUtf8 in jconst

Fields in jconst declared as constUtf8
(package private)  constUtf8 constClass_or_String.Utf8
(package private)  constUtf8 constName_and_Type_info.descriptor_Utf8