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DoubleVec Member List

This is the complete list of members for DoubleVec, including all inherited members.
append(doubleval)RCArray< double >
DoubleVec()DoubleVec [inline]
DoubleVec(size_t initialSize)DoubleVec [inline]
DoubleVec(size_t initialSize, double initVal)DoubleVec [inline]
getRefCnt()DoubleVec [inline]
init(double intialVal)DoubleVec [private]
length()DoubleVec [inline]
RCArray< double >::length() constRCArray< double > [protected]
operator[](const int ix)RCArray< double >
operator[](const int ix) constRCArray< double >
operator[](const size_t ix)RCArray< double >
operator[](const size_t ix) constRCArray< double >
RCArray(size_t initialSize)RCArray< double > [protected]
RCArray(size_t initialSize, doubleinitVal)RCArray< double > [protected]
RCArray()RCArray< double >
read(const int i) constRCArray< double > [protected, virtual]
valueRCArray< double > [protected]
write(const int i, const doublev)RCArray< double > [protected, virtual]

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