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Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DoubleVecA growable reference counted array of doubles which implements copy-on-write semantics (see RCArray)
GrowableArray< T >GrowableArray template is used to create array objects that will grow as elements are added to the end of the array
RCArray< T >A reference counted, growable array template
RCArray< T >::SharedData
RCBase< Type >An abstract base class for reference counted arrays
RCBase< Type >::ValRef
RCObjectThis the base class for a shared data class that is used in a reference counted copy-on-write object (see RCArray)
RCPtr< T >This template implements a "smart pointer" for reference counted objects
StringThis class is a container for strings composed of 8-bit ASCII characters
SubStringThis class supports the creation and manipulation of SubStrings, which are sections of Strings

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