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saxparse.MessageStates Class Reference

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Detailed Description

MessageStates Aug 11, 2004.

Ian Kaplan,,

Public Member Functions

 MessageStates (String name)
 MessageStates (String name, Class cls)

Static Public Attributes

MessageStates BAD_STATE = new MessageStates("BAD_STATE")
MessageStates MSG_BASE = new MessageStates("MSG_BASE")
MessageStates MSG_BASE_DONE = new MessageStates("MSG_BASE_DONE")
MessageStates PRODUCT = new MessageStates("PRODUCT")
MessageStates USER = new MessageStates("USER")
MessageStates LOCAL_ID = new MessageStates("LOCAL_ID")

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

saxparse.MessageStates.MessageStates String  name  ) 

00030 { 00031 super(name, MessageStates.class); 00032 }

saxparse.MessageStates.MessageStates String  name,
Class  cls

00034 { 00035 super(name, cls ); 00036 }

Member Data Documentation

MessageStates saxparse.MessageStates.BAD_STATE = new MessageStates("BAD_STATE") [static]

MessageStates saxparse.MessageStates.LOCAL_ID = new MessageStates("LOCAL_ID") [static]

MessageStates saxparse.MessageStates.MSG_BASE = new MessageStates("MSG_BASE") [static]

MessageStates saxparse.MessageStates.MSG_BASE_DONE = new MessageStates("MSG_BASE_DONE") [static]

MessageStates saxparse.MessageStates.PRODUCT = new MessageStates("PRODUCT") [static]

MessageStates saxparse.MessageStates.USER = new MessageStates("USER") [static]

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