Haar Wavelets in Java

My web page discussing the Haar wavelet transform and its application to time series information can be found here After I implemented this software I studied Wim Sweldens' Lifting Scheme wavelet transform. An elegent implementation of the Haar transform, implemented via the Lifting Scheme, can be found here.

The wavelet source code published here includes the following:


The tar file containing the Java wavelet code can be downloaded by clicking here

Javadoc generated documentation

The javadoc generated documentation for th above source code can be found here

A linear algebra view of the Haar wavelet transform

Java software that implements the forward and inverse Haar transform using matrices can be downloaded here. This software includes a modest linear algebra class (e.g., matrix multiply and various vector operations). This class has also been used to implement Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization.


Ian Kaplan, July 2001
Revised: November 2001