Daubechies Wavelets in Java and C++

The Daubechies D4 Wavelet Transform in C++ and Java

I do not agree with the policy of the authors of Numerical Recipes prohibiting redistribution of the source code for the Numerical Recipes algorithms. With most numerical algorithm code, including wavelet algorithms, the hard part is understanding the mathematics behind the algorithm. There is not that much "intellectual property" in the source code. In contrast to the Numerical Recipes code, you may use the wavelet code published here for what ever purpose you desire, including redistribution in source form. All I ask is that you credit me with authorship.

I recommend using the "save as" feature of your browser to save the C++ and Java source files (I'm not sure how to reliably suppress viewing and force download with all browsers).

The Lifting Scheme Daubechies D4 Transform in Java

The tar file daubechies.tar below contains three files:



Ian Kaplan, July 2001
Revised: November 2001