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Detailed Description

This Java binary tree search, insert and delete class is based on C++ source code with the copyright shown below.

Surprisingly, the Java form of a binary tree that supports deletion is more complex than the C++ version.

This software was written by Ian L. Kaplan, Chief Fat Bear, Bear Products International. Use of this software, for any purpose, is granted on two conditions:

  1. This copyright notice must be included with the software or any software derived from it.
  2. The risk of using this software is accepted by the user. No warranty as to its usefulness or functionality is provided or implied. The author and Bear Products International provides no support.

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class  BinaryTree
 This class supports insertion and deletion of elements in a simple binary tree (e.g., the tree is not a balanced tree like an AVL tree or a red-black tree). More...

class  BinaryTree.Node
 A binary tree node, where the associated data item is a generic Object. More...

class  BinaryTree.NodeReference
 A container for a reference. More...

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