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interface  NodeVisitor< T extends Comparable< T > >

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static< TextendsComparable< T >
isOrdered (TreeNode< T > root)
static< TextendsComparable< T >
inOrder (TreeNode< T > root, NodeVisitor< T > visitor)

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Algorithms Jun 20, 2013

Ian Kaplan,

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static <TextendsComparable<T> void treeAlgorithms.Algorithms.inOrder ( TreeNode< T >  root,
NodeVisitor< T >  visitor 
) [static]

In-order tree traversal. For an ordered tree, this will visit the nodes in increasing order.

rootthe current root of the tree
visitora class that implements NodeVisitor that performs an operation when the tree node is visited.
visitan object that implements the visit() method to so something when the node is visited.

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static <TextendsComparable<T> boolean treeAlgorithms.Algorithms.isOrdered ( TreeNode< T >  root) [static]

A function that tests whether a tree is ordered or not. One can imagine a use for such a function. This is an interview question during a very unpleasant interview at Sumo Logic.

rootthe root of a binary tree
true if the tree is ordered (where the left branch is the less than branch and the right branch is the greater than branch), false otherwise.

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