Miscellaneous Software

Most of the software published on bearcave.com is either elegant, useful, interesting or, ideally, a combination of all three. But I don't find all software equally fun to write. Nor am I equally good at all types of algorithms. This Web page publishes those algorithms that I have written once and don't want to write again. Given the ubiquitous nature of the Web publishing this code here means that I will be able to access it when ever I need it. Its also possible that it will be useful to others (although some of these algorithms are a bit obscure).

It also occurs to me that another way to look at this Web page is as the bearcave.com garage or attic. Men, myself included, have a habbit of squirreling away all sorts of things because "they might be useful someday". The algorithms here are not exactly fundamental algorithms that come up all the time. But they are cached away here incase I ever need them again. And as I said, I don't really want to write this code twice.

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