Italy is one of the great countries of the world to visit. The architecture is spectacular, the food can be fantastic and the people seem to pride themselves on being nice (gentile). I have had the good fortune to spend two weeks in Italy during he Spring of 2006. Many of the notes linked to on this page were written when I was planning that trip. I am currently planning a trip to Rome in the Spring of 2007.

Notes on Italy


Staying in a Monastery

From their founding in the early Christian era, Monasteries and Convents have had to be self-supporting. While a few Monasteries were supported Convents were supported by endowments and charitable contributions, most had to support themselves through their activities. In the middle ages farmed or copied and illuminated books. Even in modern times the Trappist Monasteries support themselves through products they make.

Monasteries have always allowed guests, although in the past the guests were usually there for religious reasons. As the number of monks and nuns has fallen, some Monestaries have converted some of their extra space into rooms for tourists. The site Monastery Stays has listing for Monasteries and Convents throughout Italy.

Venice, Siena and Bologna


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