Hotels in Siena

These are notes on Siena hotels that I made for for a trip that I'm planning in April of 2006. I'm a computer scientist and, other than as a consumer, I have no connection to the travel industry. No one paid me to include their hotel on this web page. Only hotels that have information on the web have been listed. You should do your own "due diligence" before staying at any of these hotels. If you have experience with any of these hotels, I would appreciate it if you would drop me an email (click on the mailbox icon at the bottom of the page).

After looking at a number of well reviewed hotels in Venice, the options in Siena seem much more limited. While I have not listed a few expensive hotels, the list of hotels on this web page includes a sizable fraction of the hotels that are close to Siena. The hotels that sound attractive to me are listed at the top. Sadly many of the hotels got either bad reviews or mixed reviews from people who have stayed there in the past. Siena hotels are also more expensive than I expected. Perhaps because competition is limited, especially for the better ones, they all tend to charge €90 or more per night for a single. These prices are only slightly less expensive than Venice. This came as a surprise because Venice has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities in Italy.

Prices listed here are for April 2006 and for a single (sadly, I travel alone). I used The Barefoot Guide to Siena & the heart of Tuscany as a reference for this web page. I've only listed hotels that are within walking distance of the Siena city center. All hotels listed have rooms with private baths. You should verify the prices yourself. Some of the prices listed here come from the Tuscany Net web site, which is not always accurate. Some hotels have as many as four different pricing "seasons", so pricing depends on when you go. I would guess that during the Palio season (the Siena horse race), there could be a surcharge.

The city of Siena has a web page, which includes a hotel listing page that can be used to select hotels by rating (e.g., 2-star, 3-start, etc...). The web page also includes various tourist links as well.

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