Hotels in Bologna

Venice, with its concentration on tourism, has many charming hotels. Bologna seems to have many non-descript hotels which appear to be comfortable, but not particularly memorable.

Bologna is the home of the oldest University in Europe, which seems to have a good computer science department. Bologna has hosted a number of international conferences. While virtually every hotel and pensione I found in Venice had a web page, this was not true of hotels in Bologna. The hotels are referenced by the various booking services like Venere, which provide the hotel address but no other contact information (the booking service wants you to go through them rather than directly to the hotel apparently).

Hotel booking services for Bologna

Some Hotels in Bologna

Compared to Venice and the cities of Tuscany (e.g., Siena and Florence), Bologna is not really a tourist city. Bologna does have a spectacular gothic cathedral and some remarkable early christian chapels, but it does not have the vast art treasures of Venice or Florence.

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