Apparently one of the Streambase investors was the intelligence community venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel. One of the company founders was started by Michael Stonebraker, who is famous for his ground braking work on relational database systems. Jennifer Windom who is a Stanford professor and author of an excellent book on relational databases is also involved with Streambase.

In an email, one of the Streambase sales people writes:

We don't normally think of ourselves as a tickstore. We have persistence in the form of query tables. but not permanent storage as a Kx or other repository. That being said, clients frequently use us for backtesting (and maintain some sort of intraday snapshot or position within the query tables). Your call certainly.

Pricing is usually by permanent licensing per core or by application. Until we size the system (does it require high availability etc.) it's a little hard to say. Typical projects run in the $100-500K range, some a little larger.

You should know that we have several flavors of technology partnerships, both with and without reseller agreements attached - depending on how both sides want to handle the business aspects. The tech partnership will give you longer term access to the software than is available via the developer download, plus ability to do performance testing and such correctly. I can get the process started if and when appropriate.

I'm not sure what this means, since this Vhayu uses stream base as a tick data store, as far as I can tell.