Sources for the Java virtual machine

I know that there are more open source virtual machine than listed here. But Kaffe seems to be popular and is a start. See Marc Meurrens page referenced below for references to other JVMs.

Non-Open Source Virtual Machines for Embedded Systems

The major vendors like Sun, IBM, Borland and Microsoft all include JVMs with their development tools. As a result, the workstations and server platforms are pretty well covered. However, embedded systems is a promising area for Java.

The Java world is moving so fast that it is very difficult to keep track of all the new developments, much less get them all right. Remember, its just opinion written here. Any way, here again, as much for myself as for you, dear reader, is a list of commercial JVMs for embedded systems. They are listed in no particular order. I'm sure that I've missed lots of suppliers. Please send me e-mail ( if you know of someone not on the list.

Ian Kaplan, April 8, 2000

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