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class  TestObj

Public Member Functions

boolean testSortFile (final int numVals, final int bufSize)
void testTheTester ()
void testEven ()
void testOdd ()
void testValsEqBuf ()
void testObjectSort ()

Protected Member Functions

void cleanupFiles (File inFile, File outFile)

Package Functions

protected< T extends
Comparable< T > &Serializable >
writeObjs (T[] objs, File outFile) throws IOException
protected< T extends
Comparable< T > &Serializable >
testFile (File sortedFile) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException

Detailed Description

TestMergeSortFile Jun 26, 2013

A test for file merge sort.

Ian Kaplan,

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Member Function Documentation

void sort.TestMergeSortFile.cleanupFiles ( File  inFile,
File  outFile 
) [protected]

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void sort.TestMergeSortFile.testEven ( )

Test for the case where the buffer/temporary file size is an even multiple of the total number of Integer elements.

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protected<T extends Comparable<T> & Serializable> boolean sort.TestMergeSortFile.testFile ( File  sortedFile) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException [package]

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void sort.TestMergeSortFile.testObjectSort ( )

Test a case where a simple key/value object is sorted. The ability to sort arbitrary comparable/serializable objects is where the merge sort stands out.

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void sort.TestMergeSortFile.testOdd ( )

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boolean sort.TestMergeSortFile.testSortFile ( final int  numVals,
final int  bufSize 

Test a simple file sort, where the buffer is an even multiple of the number of objects in the file.

numValsNumber of test values to sort
bufSizeThe number of objects to sort in memory
true if the random values in test file were sorted, false otherwise.

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void sort.TestMergeSortFile.testTheTester ( )

Make sure that the file check works correctly

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void sort.TestMergeSortFile.testValsEqBuf ( )

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protected<T extends Comparable<T> & Serializable> void sort.TestMergeSortFile.writeObjs ( T[]  objs,
File  outFile 
) throws IOException [package]

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