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polyinterp.h File Reference

This file contains code to implement Lifting Scheme wavelets. More...

#include <stdio.h>

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class  polyinterp
 Support for four point polynomial interpolation, using the Lagrange formula. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains code to implement Lifting Scheme wavelets.

Lifting Scheme wavelets are described in Wim Sweldens' tutorial paper Building Your Own Wavelets at Home which is available on the Web.

Lifting Scheme wavelets are a conceptual extension of Haar wavelets. One of the disadvantages of Haar wavelets is the high frequency (largest) coefficient spectrum can miss detail (even to odd transitions, for example). Lifting Scheme wavelets properly represent change in all coefficient spectrum. This makes lifting scheme wavelets a better choice for some algorithms which do filtering based on the absolute standard deviation calculated on the high frequency coefficients.

Definition in file polyinterp.h.

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