For the Love of a Dog

Dogs. At the Breathed house there be more than a few. But no children, which causes the in-laws consternation, for they see little logic in an author of four children's books having no test audience at hand. The reason is self-evident: dogs will never wear their trousers pulled down around their knees [or, we might add, around one's butt crack] in public. Or at least, if they do, we can discipline them without getting sued. Seems a valuable distinction at this point. I urge anybody to trade in their teenager toward a schnauzer mix.
-- Berke Breathed, from his book One Last Little Peek, 1980-1995

This web page is now a snapshot from the past. It was written when I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from 2000 to 2002. Those were the best of times and the worst of times. The best of times included these wonderful dogs.

The lovely Newfi, Maggie, has passed over the bridge. I have moved away from Santa Fe. Now there are no dogs in the bearcave and I will probably never be a "dog parent" again. I will always love dogs and remember these fine Dog Persons with love.

The evolutionary tree from which bears and dogs are descended has a common ancestor. Perhaps that's why dogs are our kindred souls at The Bearcave. Especially Newfoundlands, who are four footed fur persons with huge souls (especially Maggie).

In the picture below, the golden retriever Morgan, visiting nieces Annie and Ginger, and our Newfoundland mix, Maggie. They are all listening intently to a talk on how advanced signal processing techniques can be applied to financial data.

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That is the essence of inhumanity.
-- George Bernard Shaw

If you have purchased a dog from a pet store and would like more information on its origins, you can order a puppy report here:

Maggie, Morgan, and Max are all rescued dogs. All three were picked up by animal control where they had been found on the streets, abandoned. We cannot understand how anyone could have ever neglected these great creatures. Maggie was the Queen of dogs, the smartest dog we've ever known. How could someone have done that to her?

So before you buy a puppy from a pet store - or from an unknown/out-of-state breeder advertising on-line or in your local newspaper, please look at all the great dogs that are waiting for you at your local animal shelter and through PetFinder, below.

Ian Kaplan
October 2001
Revised: September 2014