Obsolete Compustat Quarterly Data Schema

Chapter 5 of Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management by Qian, Hua, Sorensen discuss a set of factors that derived from the Compustat Quarterly data. In Appendix A5.1 they describe how they calculate the factors in the chapter. Each factor is calculated from base Compustat values, whose numbers are given. Apparently, as of Oct. 2013 this Compustat database is obsolete. A Google search turned up a table published on the Boston College web site, under a directory named "obsolete", that lists these Compustat factors referenced by Qian et al. I have reproduced this table below, since it seems likely that Boston college may remove a page in the future, I have reproduced it below.

COMPUSTAT Quarterly Data Items

1 DATA1 Selling, General, and Administrative Expense
2 DATA2 Sales (Net)
3 DATA3 Minority Interest (Income Account)
4 DATA4 Research and Development Expense
5 DATA5 Depreciation and Amortization
6 DATA6 Income Taxes - Total
7 DATA7 Earnings per Share (Fully Diluted) - Including Extraordinary Items
8 DATA8 Income Before Extraordinary Items
9 DATA9 Earnings per Share (Fully Diluted) - Excluding Extraordinary Items
10 DATA10 Income Before Extraordinary Items - Adjusted for Common Stock Equivalents
11 DATA11 Earnigns per Share (Primary) - Including Extraordinary Items
12 DATA12 Price - Close - 1st Month of Quarter
13 DATA13 Price - Close - 2nd Month of Quarter
14 DATA14 Price - Close - 3rd Month of Quarter
15 DATA15 Common Shares Used to Calculate Earnings per Share (Primary)
16 DATA16 Dividends per Share by Ex-Date
17 DATA17 Adjustment Factor (Cumulative) by Ex-Date
18 DATA18 Common Shares Traded
19 DATA19 Earnings per Share (Primary) - Excluding Extraordinary Items
20 DATA20 Dividends - Common - Indicated Annual
21 DATA21 Operating Income Before Depreciation
22 DATA22 Interest Expense
23 DATA23 Pretax Income
24 DATA24 Dividends - Preferred
25 DATA25 Income Before Extraordinary Items - Available for Common
26 DATA26 Extraordinary Items and Discontinued Operations
27 DATA27 Earnings per Share (Primary) - Excluding Extraordinary Items - 12 Months Moving
28 DATA28 Common Shares Used to Calculate Earnings per Share - 12 Months Moving
29 DATA29 Interest Income - Total (Financial Services)
30 DATA30 Cost of Goods Sold
31 DATA31 Nonoperating Income (Expense)
32 DATA32 Special Items
33 DATA33 Discontinued Operations
34 DATA34 Foreign Currency Adjustment (Income Account)
35 DATA35 Deferred Taxes (Income Account)
36 DATA36 Cash and Short-Term Investments
37 DATA37 Receivables - Total
38 DATA38 Inventories - Total
39 DATA39 Current Assets - Other
40 DATA40 Current Assets - Total
41 DATA41 Depreciation, Depletion, and Amortization (Accumulated) (Balance Sheet)
42 DATA42 Property, Plant, and Equipment - Total (Net)
43 DATA43 Assets - Other
44 DATA44 Assets - Total/Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity - Total
45 DATA45 Debt in Current Liabilities
46 DATA46 Accounts Payable
47 DATA47 Income Taxes Payable
48 DATA48 Current Liabilities - Other
49 DATA49 Current Liabilities - Total
50 DATA50 Liabilities - Other
51 DATA51 Long-Term Debt - Total
52 DATA52 Deferred Taxes and Investment Tax Credit (Balance Sheet)
53 DATA53 Minority Interest (Balance Sheet)
54 DATA54 Liabilities - Total
55 DATA55 Preferred Stock - Carrying Value
56 DATA56 Common Stock
57 DATA57 Capital Surplus
58 DATA58 Retained Earnings
59 DATA59 Common Equity - Total
60 DATA60 Stockholders' Equity - Total
61 DATA61 Common Shares Outstanding
62 DATA62 Invested Capital - Total
63 DATA63 Price - High - 1st Month of Quarter
64 DATA64 Price - High - 2nd Month of Quarter
65 DATA65 Price - High - 3rd Month of Quarter
66 DATA66 Price - Low - 1st Month of Quarter
67 DATA67 Price - Low - 2nd Month of Quarter
68 DATA68 Price - Low - 3rd Month of Quarter
69 DATA69 Net Income (Loss)
70 DATA70 Interest Expense - Total (Financial Services)
71 DATA71 Preferred Stock - Redeemable
72 DATA72 Dividends per Share by Payable Date
73 DATA73 Working Capital Changes - Other - Increase (Decrease) (Statement of Changes)
74 DATA74 Cash and Cash Equivalents - Increase (Decrease) (Statement of Cash Flows)
75 DATA75 Changes in Current Debt (Statement of Cash Flows)
76 DATA76 Income Before Extraordinary Items (Statement of Cash Flows)
77 DATA77 Depreciation and Amortization (Statement of Cash Flows)
78 DATA78 Extraordinary Items and Discontinued Operations (Statement of Cash Flows)
79 DATA79 Deferred Taxes (Statement of Cash Flows)
80 DATA80 Equity in Net Loss (Earnings) (Statement of Cash Flows)
81 DATA81 Funds from Operations - Other (Statement of Cash Flows)
82 DATA82 Funds from Operations - Total (Statement of Changes)
83 DATA83 Sale of Property, Plant, and Equipment (Statement of Cash Flows)
84 DATA84 Sale of Common and Preferred Stock (Statement of Cash Flows)
85 DATA85 Sale of Investments (Statement of Cash Flows)
86 DATA86 Long-Term Debt - Issuance (Statement of Cash Flows)
87 DATA87 Sources of Funds - Other (Statement of Changes)
88 DATA88 Sources of Funds - Total (Statement of Changes)
89 DATA89 Cash Dividends (Statement of Cash Flows)
90 DATA90 Capital Expenditures (Statement of Cash Flows)
91 DATA91 Increase in Investments (Statement of Cash Flows)
92 DATA92 Long-Term Debt - Reduction (Statement of Cash Flows)
93 DATA93 Purchase of Common and Preferred Stock (Statement of Cash Flows)
94 DATA94 Acquisitions (Statement of Cash Flows)
95 DATA95 Uses of Funds - Other (Statement of Changes)
96 DATA96 Uses of Funds - Total (Statement of Changes)
97 DATA97 Net Interest Income (Tax Equivalent)
98 DATA98 Treasury Stock - Total Dollar Amount
99 DATA99 Nonperforming Assets - Total
100 DATA100 Adjustment Factor (Cumulative) - Payable Date
101 DATA101 Working Capital Change - Total (Statement of Changes)
102 DATA102 Sale of Property, Plant and Equipment and Sale of Investments - Loss (Gain) (Statement of Cash Flows)
103 DATA103 Accounts Receivable - Decrease (Increase) (Statement of Cash Flows)
104 DATA104 Inventory - Decrease (Increase) (Statement of Cash Flows)
105 DATA105 Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities - Increase (Decrease) (Statement of Cash Flows)
106 DATA106 Income Taxes - Accrued - Increase (Decrease) (Statement of Cash Flows)
107 DATA107 Assets and Liabilities - Other (Net Change) (Statement of Cash Flows)
108 DATA108 Operating Activities - Net Cash Flow (Statement of Cash Flows)
109 DATA109 Short-Term Investments - Change (Statement of Cash Flows)
110 DATA110 Investing Activities - Other (Statement of Cash Flows)
111 DATA111 Investing Activities - Net Cash Flow (Statement of Cash Flows)
112 DATA112 Financing Activities - Other (Statement of Cash Flows)
113 DATA113 Financing Activities - Total (Statement of Cash Flows)
114 DATA114 Exchange Rate Effect (Statement of Cash Flows)
115 DATA115 Interest Paid - Net (Statement of Cash Flows)
116 DATA116 Income Taxes Paid (Statement of Cash Flows)
117 DATA117 Accounting Changes - Cumulative Effect
118 DATA118 Proeprty, Plant, and Equipment - Total (Gross)
119 DATA119 Extraordinary Items
120 DATA120 Common Stock Equivalents - Dollar Savings
121 DATA121 Currency Translation Effect
171 DATA171 Provision for Loan/Asset Losses
172 DATA172 Reserve for Loan/Asset Losses
173 DATA173 Net Interest Margin
174 DATA174 Risk-Adjusted Capital Ratio - Tier 1
175 DATA175 Risk-Adjusted Captial Ratio - Total
176 DATA176 Net Charge-Offs
177 DATA177 Earnings per Share from Operations
178 DATA178 Earnings per Share from Operation - 12 Months Moving

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