Doug Fine's article Slow Motion Genocide originally appeared in Salon on June 6, 1996. I had a copy here rather than a hyperlink, because, unlike HotWired, Salon did not, at the time, publish articles in what would become their archive location.

Since I did not know what the final archive address would be, I made a copy. Doug Fine objected strenuously and stridently to my copying his article and I immediately removed the copy from this site. I did not intend to harm Mr. Fine in any way. In fact, if anything, I meant my use of his material as a compliment. In any case, Mr. Fine's article is archived somewhere at Salon. Salon is one of the best on-line magazines. If you are not familiar with Salon, you should take a look. Or you can check Doug Fine's rambling home page for a copy of Slow Motion Genocide. You can follow this link for my opinion on copyright issues and publishing on-line.

Ian Kaplan
August 11, 1996
Last updated on November 1, 1996

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